is a service that offers instant temporary debit card numbers for online purchases.  For each merchant with whom you shop, you use a different debit card number.  You can set monthly or annual spend limits for each card individually.  You can instantly freeze or unfreeze purchases to any merchant. There is also the option to have a single-use card – this is recommended if it’s a merchant you never plan to do business with again. These cards are set to self-destruct 2 minutes after the first purchase made. You can also earn cash-back from – up to a generous 2%! The best part about It’s 100% FREE to use! 

How does it work?

The service uses a browser extension to give you easy access to create a new card anytime you are shopping online. They also have Android and iPhone apps for when you’re on the go. It works exactly like a debit card, by connecting to your bank account, and drawing the amount of your purchases directly out of your account.

Peace of Mind

If you use the service, you no longer have to worry about merchants over-billing or double charging you.  If a merchant experiences a data breach, your real card number is never exposed. cards are an excellent choice for any recurring subscription, such as your gym membership or netflix account. For example, if your gym membership is $39.99/month, you can set the card’s spending limit for $40.00/month. can also help protect your identity. You can use any name and billing address with your cards.  It does not need to be the same information as is on your bank account.

Want to sign up for a “free trial” of a service, but don’t want to accidentally forget to cancel and be charged? is the perfect solution.  Use a privacy card to sign up & confirm.  Then, put the card on hold or set a spend limit much lower than the upcoming charge.  If you decide to keep the service, you can easily change the spend limit or reactivate the card, all with just a couple clicks.

So what are the drawbacks?  At this time, the service only works with US checking accounts.  We hope they will add the option to fund with credit or debit cards, and bank accounts from other countries very soon!

The Lampp Team has been using this service for a few months now.  We have to admit, it’s a brilliant service.  We wholeheartedly recommend our clients to sign up and start protecting your privacy today!

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As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help getting setup!