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Web Development and Design Solutions for Any Business

In today’s economy, websites are vital. Not only do businesses need a website to compete in the market, they need to make sure their websites are attractive, encourage sales, and encourage return visits. Well-designed websites help them reach out to more consumers and make it possible for businesses to grow quickly. Business owners today can work with an expert programmer from LAMPP to develop and design a website that’s going to do more than just showcase their business. With the right assistance, the website can help the business grow.

Custom WordPress
Starting at $499

Affordable custom WordPress websites meet the needs of many businesses. Up to 6 content pages plus contact page starting at the affordable price of $499. Multi-language and custom functionality available as add-ons to this package. All sites are SEO Ready and include 1 year of hosting on our client server .... Read More

Custom WP Ecommerce
Starting at $1499

WordPress Ecommerce websites with the most well-known and well supported ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce. We can customize woo to meet the specifications of almost any product you can imagine selling on the web. Add-ons available for large numbers of products, multiple languages, live chat and support pages for your customers .... Read More

Custom Magento Ecommerce
Starting at $1999

Magento may be the right platform for some larger or more complex Ecommerce applications, as it allows for more complex filtering with less customization when compared with WooCommerce. Magento is suitable for stores with thousands of products and multiple options within each product, such as colors and sizes .... Read More

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    Custom WordPress Websites

    Today, WordPress is one of the most commonly used website platforms. It’s incredibly flexible, secure, and is easy for just about anyone to use. The flexibility of WordPress makes it the perfect choice for just about any business because they can create and manage a basic website, an e-commerce website, a website with multi-language support, and a website with anything else they might need. Flexibility can be stretched further with the easy-to-implement plugins.

    Other PHP Frameworks Possible

    While WordPress is the most popular PHP framework today, business owners do have other options. If needed, LAMPP can create a website using other PHP frameworks like Codeigniter or Laravel. Depending on the needs of the business, one of these could be a better option for the website and could provide functionality that might not be as easy to implement with WordPress. Business owners will want to discuss this potential with a programmer to find out if WordPress or a different PHP framework might be the better option for what they have in mind for their website.

    Multi-Language Websites

    The internet is connecting people from all around the world to other people and businesses. Many businesses today take advantage of global opportunities, which might mean they need to be able to support multiple languages on their website. This makes it easier for visitors to find the information they need and can make consumers feel more comfortable as they can read the information in the language they prefer and be sure they understand what they’re reading.
    Websites can be designed with HrefLang multi-language support to ensure visitors to the website can view the information in the language they prefer. Websites can be designed with only two languages featured or with a number of different languages for potential visitors to choose from, depending on the needs of the business.

    E-Commerce Solutions

    Selling products all over the world is easier today with the e-commerce solutions that can be built into any website. WordPress’s Woo and Magento2 are the most common e-commerce platforms today. Magento includes complex filtering so customers can find what they’re looking for. WordPress Woo is known for its customizable options. E-commerce solutions can be tailored to the individual business to blend in with the website and provide a seamless experience for all customers. They make it possible for business owners to sell any kind of product online to local or global consumers, increasing sales and helping the business grow further.

    Custom WordPress Plugin Development

    WordPress plugins expand the functionality of the website and provide businesses with easy ways to track everything about the website and the business. They make it possible for the website to offer more to customers and for business owners to make sure their marketing techniques are as effective as possible. Many plugins are already available for WordPress and can be used on just about any WordPress website to increase the website’s functionality. However, when there isn’t a good option currently available and functionality is crucial, LAMPP can create a custom plugin for the business to use.

    SEO Ready Designs

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a leading internet marketing plan designed to help websites rank higher in search engine results so more customers visit the website. Websites need to be created from the beginning with SEO in mind because there are techniques that should be used from the very beginning to increase the website’s ranking.
    All websites developed by LAMPP include SEO-ready designs so businesses get a jump start on optimizing their website for the search engines. This provides businesses with the opportunity to start working on the optimization techniques for their website to boost the ranking much faster and help them bring in more visitors to the website right away. It also sets the stage for further optimization in the future as SEO adjusts to new preferences from the major search engines.

    Responsive Designs

    Today’s consumers don’t just surf the internet on desktop computers. In fact, the majority of consumers use their mobile device for at least some of their time spent online. Websites need to be designed with this in mind.

    Websites now need to include responsive designs that enable them to adjust to the device used by the visitor. The website should be easy for consumers to use no matter if they’re using a huge desktop monitor or a smartphone. LAMPP website designs are responsive to ensure consumers have the best experience no matter how they view the website.

    Focus on UI/UX

    The UI, or the user interface, for a website must be designed carefully. This is what consumers see when they visit the website. The UX, or user experience, is what lies behind the UI and makes the website as easy to use as possible. Both are necessary for creating a website, and both need to be a focus for the website’s development.

    Focusing on UI can help encourage more sales while focusing on UX can help make sure consumers have a good experience on the website and are willing to visit again. LAMPP focuses on both the UI and UX of a website to help businesses gain more sales and more repeat customers.

    PSD to Custom WordPress Theme

    Businesses may already have an idea of what they’re looking for in a website. Some, in fact, might already have a design they want to use to create a theme for their website. LAMPP offers the ability to transform a PSD (photoshop document) to a customized WordPress theme.

    The transformation allows business owners the chance to fully customize everything about their website and ensure their branding is consistent on and off the website. The theme created will be used for the entire website to ensure everything flows properly and to encourage brand awareness while consumers view different areas of the website.

    SSL for All Websites

    Hacking is a major concern for businesses and consumers today. Consumers want to know they can trust the websites they visit and want to make sure their private information is safe when they make a purchase. Businesses can use a security protocol, SSL (secure sockets layer), to show consumers that they are visiting the right website and that their information is secure.

    As of July 2018, all websites that do not have SSL certificates are also marked as unsecured on the Google Chrome browser, which can discourage consumers from visiting the website. This is one of the largest browsers in use today, so being marked as unsecured can have a huge impact on websites. LAMPP can help businesses obtain the SSL certificate to show their business is a valid business and one the consumers can trust.

    1-Year Managed Hosting

    Having an amazing website that’s responsive, SEO-ready, and secure is only part of what’s needed to encourage visitors to stop by the website and to learn more about the business. Websites that do not load quickly will discourage consumers from viewing the website. In fact, most consumers will leave a website and look elsewhere for what they need if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

    Faster load times mean more consumers can visit the website and find what they’re looking for. Faster load times also encourage more sales. LAMPP websites include 1-year managed hosting on their lightning-fast cloud service. This helps websites load as fast as possible so a slow load time doesn’t push visitors away.

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Email is crucial for businesses today and often part of the hosting plan for websites. Consumers don’t typically pay attention to business-related emails from a free email host simply because anyone can make them. This means it’s possible for the email to be coming from anyone, not necessarily the business, and be a scam instead of a legitimate email. Websites designed by LAMPP, however, include free business email accounts consumers can recognize and trust as coming from the business. The number of accounts is unlimited, so the business can have as many as they need. Also included for free is up to 10,000 outgoing emails per month.

    Today, businesses simply cannot grow to their full potential without a well-developed website. If you need a website for your business, trust the professionals to create a completely customized website for you that includes everything you’ll need to manage your business’s customers, marketing, and more online. LAMPP can help you develop a completely customized website, including a WordPress theme, e-commerce solutions, multi-language support, custom plugins, and more. Talk to a LAMPP programmer today to learn more about what they can do for you.