• What is SSL?

SSL = Secure Sockets Layer.

We include SSL certificates free of charge for every client we host on our servers. We always recommend new clients add certificates to their websites, whether or not they are e-commerce sites.  This has always been a requirement for sites that collects credit card information or other sensitive customer data.  With updated guidelines from google, we now recommend it for every site, even those that are strictly informational.

Why Encrypt?

SSL secures your website with encryption based sending and receiving data protocol. It will build confidence in minds of users and also enhance profits by giving an encrypted platform to customers. The more secure your store or website is, the more users will trust and more will feel secure using their credit card. People will trust your website more if it contains https instead of just http. 

Without SSL, transfer of users credentials e.g login id, credit and debit card details are in plain text.  On https enabled websites, algorithms convert plain text to encrypted format.  If you’re shopping online, always look in the browser bar to make sure that the site you’re buying from is secured!  Otherwise, your credit card details could be compromised.  If you shop online frequently, be sure to read our post about privacy.com – It offers a lot of great features and keeps your real card details safe.

If we haven’t already given you plenty of reasons to secure your site, Google has confirmed that adding https to a site is also a minor rankings boost in their algorithm.  Most hosting plans offer free certificates as a feature, and if your hosting plan does not include one, they are relatively inexpensive to obtain.

If your site isn’t already secured with an SSL certificate, we can help! Contact us for a free consultation today.